CADEXSA is a coffee exporter company with more than 30 years of experience exporting the best of Honduras.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose from many sources of coffee such as direct trade, or mainstream negotiations.

We work with producers and co-ops in every coffee region of  Honduras and we offer complete traceability from our farms located in the origin denomination of the  renowned region of Marcala, Honduras.

Our offering list includes the following coffee grades:

  • High grown

  • Strictly High Grown

  • Specialty Coffees

  • Single Estate Coffees

  • Q Certified

  • Certified Coffees, such as ORGANIC, Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, Organic, UTZ, C.A.F.E. Practices

  • Stock Lot

  • Natural

  • Screen 17,18 and 19

How’d you like your coffee?

 Would you like us to ship your coffee on GrainPro bags or in a super bag? What about your preffered design on a burlap bag?

Let us know your shipping preferences!