The first annual Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award has been presented on November 1st 2016 in New York City, hosted by the Illy family during a Gala Event at the Delegates’ Dining Room at the United Nations.
The award recognizes top quality coffee growers who produce the best beans in the coffee paradises across the world.
After 25 years working side-by-side with Brazilian farmers, the company extends and opens the Award to all the growers with whom it works.
The Award is also a tribute to Ernesto Illy, illycaffè’s late, visionary leader, who deeply believed in scientific research as an unimpeachable source of truth, making possible advances in human development and promoting adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Over the past 10 months, the illy quality Lab in Trieste, Italy, has identified the 3 best coffee lots of the year from the 9 coffee producing countries that make up illy’s unique blend: Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Nicaragua.
An external Jury comprised of coffee experts, international chefs and coffee lovers chose among the 9 finalists the “Best of the Best” for 2016:



A special mention goes to Mr. Juan Angel Milla from Honduras.

Discover all the 27 finalists, that represent the best coffee growers for the year 2016:


1st place: Ms. Juliana Tytko Armelin
“A full bodied coffee with an intense flavor. Its distinctive sweetness
and bold chocolate notes are enhanced by hints of caramel and toast.”

2nd place: Ms. Daniella Romano Pelosini
3rd place: Ms. Arabela Pereira Lima


1st place: Mr. Carlos Arturo López Guarnizo

“A medium to full-bodied coffee with a rich flavor. Surprising notes of caramel
and dried fruit burst forth, with delicate whispers of chocolate and toasted bread.”

2nd place: Mr. Ovalle Duarte
3rd place: Mr. Eliecer Torres


1st place: Mr. Mauricio Barrantes
“A full-bodied coffee with an enduring flavor. Its distinctively bold caramel
and chocolate notes are enhanced by delicate hints of honey, vanilla, toasted bread and oranges.”

2nd place: Mr. Warner Quesada Elizondo
3rd place: Mr. Johnny Marin Badilla


1st place: Mr. Jose Antonio Salaverria Jr.
“A full-bodied coffee with a bold flavor. Notes of caramel,
a hint of honey and a fruity delicacy round out the taste.”

2nd place: Mr. Leopoldo Muyshondt
3rd place: Mr. Miguel Angel Caceres


1st place: Mr. Ahmed Legesse
The Best of Bests 2016
“A medium bodied coffee with a delicate flavor. Its unique floral jasmine notes
are mixed with a slight hint of citrus fruit.”

2nd place: Mrs. Seada Shifa
3rd place: Mr. Yismashewa Seyoum


1st place: Mr. Jorge Bolaños
“A medium bodied coffee with a complex flavor. Its characteristically bold sweetness
is coupled with chocolate, caramel, honey and citrus notes.”

2nd place: Mr. Jose D. Guerra
3rd place: Mr. Edward Andres Esteve


1st place: Mr. Juan Angel Milla
Special Mention

“This coffee offers vibrant but balanced acidity, soft, plush mouthfeel, plenty of natural sweetness
– while adding a soft carob-like chocolate, vanilla suggestions,
and a crisp hint of a spicy, sandalwood-like aromatic wood.”

2nd place: Mr. Dario Enamorado
3rd place: Mr. Omar Acosta

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1st place: Mr. Mohamed Suhaib

“A full-bodied coffee with a bold flavor. Intense cocoa and notes of toasted bread
leave a seductively sweet chocolate aftertaste.”

2nd place: Mr. Tanveer Jabbar
3rd place: Mr. Anand. J. Mathais


1st place: Mr. Jose Arauz

“A medium to full-bodied coffee with a balanced flavor. Strong caramel notes
and toasted bread are mixed with a slight chocolate aftertaste.”

2nd place: Mr. Carlos Alberto Cruz Lopez
3rd place: Mr. Victor Hugo Castillo